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Useful Resources

The experts at Rider & Associates, Inc. in Vancouver, WA have compiled a list of useful links for transcription software and instructions on how to use them.
Please click the links provided below and download the relevant materials to fulfill your needs.

Free Software Downloads

MDinTouch MT Resource Center

Requirement: Word 2003, Microsoft .NET 1.1, 256mb ram, 1024x768 resolution, MDIntouch update agent

Instruction Downloads

Dictation Instructions Ver 1.0 Telephone Dictation Instructions.

Our Medical Newsletters

05/16/2017-pdf MT Rider Report 390 Kb

04/03/2017-pdf MT Rider Report 213 Kb

06/01/2016-pdf MT Rider Report 419 Kb

10/03/2015-pdf MT Rider Report 424 Kb

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06/01/2015-pdf MT Rider Report 563 Kb

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